Our Mission

The programs help physically challenged and able -body  persons build a sense of teamwork, cooperation, and community involvement. For Maryland Ravens, Inc. and our players, it isn't about winning in the competitive arena anymore (having won a national championship in 2006 and regaining the #1 ranking again in 2013). It's about teaching Maryland students about physical disabilities, the importance of setting goals, being proactive, realizing their abilities and working hard to accomplish their goals; whereby, we encourage them to "Roll Pass Adversity". 

Whatever level of interest or aspiration a player has, the Maryland Ravens have a place for them. From league basketball tournaments, adaptive recreation, travel...to inspiring students throughout Maryland.

Maryland Ravens, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization that is run solely by volunteers and has served as an engine to help students and educators better understand physical disabilities (i.e., polio, birth defects, amputations, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and others).


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Wheelchair basketball is an exciting experience and a great way for disabled men and women to learn valuable skills. Maryland Ravens, Inc. is dedicated to helping our participants develop physical and mental skills that work well on and off the court.

Our basketball coaches provide instruction and guidance, as well as instill a sense of respect.

Adaptive Recreation and Abilities awareness Programs

During the awareness presentations, each of our physically challenged demonstrators share their personal stories on success and how they have overcome their adversities. Our disabled participants stress the importance of education, recreation, and the importance of using one's God-given abilities to enjoy life to its fullest. A culminating wheelchair basketball exhibition game against the faculty and/or students follows the oral presentations (followed by a question and answer segment). Our target population is Baltimore City’s physically challenged, students and educators (K through 12), college and university students. Each year, our athletes visit 20 or more schools; whereby, presenting to approximately 7,000 or more spectators. Our involvement at local schools has a long term effect on alleviating poverty, crime and low self esteem because we encourage our audience to expect more from themselves. “If better is possible…good is not enough!” says Larry T. Hughes (a gold paralympian medal holder and former player with Maryland Ravens, Inc.)

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