Dear Maryland Ravens,
Thank you so much for coming to Perryville Middle School in Cecil County, MD! Our students and staff absolutely LOVED having you, everyone could not stop talking about how informative, entertaining, and fun this assembly was.

Here are a few quotes from students and staff:

- Thank you for bringing the wheelchair basketball team to our school! It was an amazing event and our kids (and staff) really enjoyed      it!!!

- Thank you for bringing a great event, wheelchair basketball, to our school!

- Thank you for bringing the wheelchair basketball team. What a great experience and event to watch.

- Thanks for the awesome basketball event!

- Thank you for such a great assembly. The kids loved it.

- Thank you for organizing the wheelchair basketball assembly! Not only was it fun, but a great message was heard by all who attended.

- The wheelchair basketball assembly was amazing. It’s all the kids talked about in class.

- I just wanted to tell you, that yesterday’s assembly was really, really cool.

Everyone who attended the assembly only had positive things to say and the kids were so excited to participate in the game as well as watch their teachers play. The supervisor of Health and PE for Cecil County Public Schools, Matthew Roberts reached out to see if the Ravens could come to a Professional Development training for PE teachers. We also had Sue Snyder, CCPS Adapted PE Consultant and Corollary Sports Coordinator attend the assembly and she loved the message you all gave to the students about capitalizing on their abilities they are given. Sue works closely with students who have an adapted physical education curriculum and loved that all students were able to hear from you all.

Perryville Middle School (as a whole) was positively impacted by the message you shared with the students "about having no one to blame but themselves" and taking advantage of the abilities you are given, no matter the situation. It was very encouraging to our students as they all face their own unique challenges in life. We were very lucky to have experienced this assembly and would encourage other schools to invite the Ravens to their schools so they can enjoy the same positive experience. Thank you so much for coming to our school, we would love to have you back!
Nicole Welsch
Physical Education Teacher